How to become a SEO writer and SEO blog post length

How to become a SEO writer, you have to learn some things that we have explained to you in this article today, so you read this article completely.

Although it is easy to write a blog, it is not easy to write that blog as

SEO Friendly Article and to bring natural traffic from Google.

That is why today we will tell you how to write a blog that makes money

so that Google not only likes that post but also compels people.

That if you read it completely, then if you read friends article seriously,

then you are going to benefit immensely and you will not have to search

it again on Google

how to be an seo content writer

direct meaning of Blog Post for SEO comes out here is that an SEO-friendly blog article written in this way, which can understand Google i.e. search engine and that according to the user’s intent To be able to show the post at the top and that article fulfills the intent of the user, this is called Blog Post for SEO.

We have told you very easy ways ahead
What you never imagined
Articles also rank like this
Enjoy this complete article in Google

How to write a blog article for SEO because you will know everything this

day, so let’s start without losing time.

How to become a seo writer
How to become a seo writer

what is a blog

what does blogging mean A blog is a big sea where people can share their

information, the real meaning of the blog is in such a way, such an online

tool where you get a chance to reach your knowledge people, from here

you can share your information in any world. Can reach the corner

Blog Post for SEO Friendly Article

By the way, you get lots of places for blogging, but most of them are

popular platform 2, Blogger and WordPress if you want to start

everything for free.

So I will prefer you to blogger who gives you everything for free, you

neither need hosting nor need to buy a theme nor domain because

blogger gives it to you for free

The only difference is that you do not get as much discount in Blogger as

you get in WordPress, you can work in Blogger by staying in the rules,

whereas in WordPress you can work it.

Here you have a plugin to add new effects and you can customize the

theme as you wish.

how to start a blog with no money

To start a blog for free, you should go to Blogger itself, if you are new in

this, then we have told you in this post that “how to make money with a blog for beginners”, How to become a seo writer

this post should be read in full if you are full of

blogging If you are serious,

you can learn from blogger what blogging is

and how to do it. Today I also have a site on blogger

It is free, AdSense is also approved and I earn a lot because I do not work

on it.

If you want to earn money by creating a blog for free, then you have to

work a little bit.

First of all, you should search on Google, create your own blog on Blogger

and there and to see all the practicals, what you have to do, then you

watch this video, if you want to earn money by making a blog for free,

then you need to aprove adsense. You can also affiliate

How do I start a blog that pays?

To create a money-earning free blog, you should use the two mediums

mentioned above, you can also do Google Adsense or affiliate marketing.

To approve Google Adsense on your site, you need to write at least 30

plus posts and create 5 pages about that contact privacy policy disclaimer

and term and competition and write the symbol posts on your site


Do not copy from anywhere and you must have at least 1000 words in

every post and the symbol post is seo optimaz, so what is optimaz, I have

told you in the next post

Then you apply for Adsense, how to apply for Adsense, for this you have

to go to Google and search for Adsense and click on the first link.

And there you have to complete the process of your website, you can also

watch this video

How can I make $ 1000 a month blogging

When your ads are approved, you have to bring more and more people to

your site, for this you have to make a backlink on your site and place a

link to your site in a place where more people come.

Like on qaura, medium and form youtube video on facebook, you share

the link of your post

how to post on Pinterest is a search engine in itself because no one

knows how much traffic comes from pinterest, it is not a photo upload

website but from here you can get a lot of information as well

To post on pinterest, you should have id on pinterest, here you have to

follow some steps only then you can post on pinterest.

First of all select a good photo that will impress people.
Now you go to the pin and upload the photo
What is this photo about titile

Give detailed description about the photo along with 3 # tags
Link your post and upload the post

Now after this, you will also get traffic from pinterest

And work on such keywords, where search is more convenient and the

competition is less and use more and more Jayda longtail keywords, for

this you can earn money from blogging by writing seo friendly posts.

WordPress custom post type

Blog Post for SEO Friendly Article
Blog Post for SEO

WordPress is a very good platform from which you earn a very good

address because here you are given an open discount, this is paid, that is,

if you have to build a site on WordPress, then you have to put some


You need a top level domain to create a site on WordPress, you need a

good hosting and you need a very good theme, so for this you need to

spend 3 to 4 thousand rupees.

For this, I tell you a top level and affordable hosting and theme, where

you will not have to spend more money.

You should get hosting from Hostinger which makes you cheap 70% and

90% discount according to the country.

And see what benefits you get (How to become a seo writer)

  • 100 Websites
  • Free SSL
  • Free top-level Domain like (.com, .info, .in)
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

You should take the theme of GeneratePress, it is a very good theme and

is also seo friendly and you do not need to invest money for it because

many bloggers give it to you for free.

Now install WordPress after taking WordPress hosting and domain, watch

these videos and after that, you will be able to install WordPress on your

site easily.

You have to upload the theme of Generate Press to your site and after

that you have to customize the theme.

And now tell you how to write an SEO friendly post, this is our post on how

to write a blog that makes money, so let’s tell you how to write a post

according to the search engine

seo-friendly content sample Guideline

What is a seo-friendly blog? First of all, you need to know SEO-friendly.
That is, SEO directly means search engine optimization and friendly

means favorable.

After writing the blog or article that makes the search engine fully

understood, we index it in google wabmaster so that our blog also

appears on google.

But have you ever thought that our blog has understood Google, that

what we have written article about, what Google has understood about

our keyword.

That is, write a blog post that Google has understood firstly that your

the article is on this keyword and when people search for that keyword,

which blog you have written, Google can show it first.

SEO Friendly Article
SEO Friendly Article

So let’s learn how to write a seo-friendly blog first, let’s see how to write a

seo-friendly blog.

Google is not a man’s name, it is a different thing that if a child is more

intelligent, then he started calling him Google Boy, it was a joke to make

you laugh

So Google is also a software, it is a machine, it also has a lot of rules

about which blog post is to be shown first and after which the post which

follows those rules also ranks on the top page.

For this, I give you a pro tip and you must tell me in this comment that

how did you like our tip.

Think before you write high quality content SEO

First of all, you need to think the most on which keyword you should

write your blog post.

For this, you should have ideas for blog post for your post so that you

can give the information to your user which is better than other website

and completely removed from them.

Only then the user will be able to connect with you completely and he

will be connected to your site forever and this will happen when you

provide complete and accurate information in your blog.

That is, you have to write your blog post keeping in mind the user.
I give you another pro-tip, a blog post example i give you for this you can

imagine that you have to tell complete information to any one person.

And that information that the person always remembers and they came to

seek information from you later too.

how to do keyword research

How to become a seo writer To become a seo writer, you have to learn some things that we have explained to you in this
SEO Friendly Article

You will know the keyword, yet I give you a description on a small

keyword, what is a keyword

By the way, the word symbol is only a keyword in whatever way you

search on the word Google or other search engine it is the keyword.

But the blog post that we are writing is on which keyword and how much

people search about that particular keyword, it is the best way to write a


And it is very important to know how much competition is there on that

That is, we should do such keyword research

There is a lot of keyword research tool to tell which competition works

perfectly and whose search volume is more.

But the only tool I always recommend is SEMrush which is a very good


This tool gives you close information about the symbol keyword.
You get 15+ features and

The best thing is that you get a free trial in it, if you like this tool, then

delete the Semrush account if you don’t buy it.

How do beginner blogs make money

For this, use the method given above, and you have to build your website

on WordPress itself.

For this, you have to buy hosting from a top company, you should buy

hosting from that company, which will make you a complete website, I

mean to say

That you should give a top level domain free and ssl is free as well as

give you full speed so that you do not face any further trouble.

And for this, I recommend the same website, Hostinger where you

  • Free .com Domains
  • SSL free
  • Website Speed ​​1 Second Around
  • 30 money-back guarantee

And you have to install the Yoast SEO plugin in your WordPress
When you write this article, this plugin will tell you how much SEO

friendly your article will help you in writing your blog post.

yoast seo tutorial

As I have already told you that yoast helps to write your blog post SEO

friendly, it also tells you how much you have to keep the word density,

how correct the post riding quality is and how right your keyword is to

you. How many posts have to be linked and much more, for this you must

install this plugin in your site.

By the way, in every photo I have given you different basic information

about how to write a blog that makes money but still I tell important


Your main keyword should appear in the first 10 lines of the blog

Your main keyword should be in the first heading

The post must be keyword density compliant and should contain related


The last paragraph of the post must contain your keyword.

Blog post description must contain your keyword

Blog post should have 2-3 photos according to your post.

Have a link corresponding to your blog post and 2 – 3 of other website

corresponding to your post

According to your blog post youtube videos should also have at least 1

in this post

How to become a seo writer In today’s post on how to write a blog for money, we have covered

many topics about writing blog posts and creating sites.

After this, you will be able to write a seo friendly post and earn money by

making a good site, so if you want to help us by sending the link of our

post to your friends.

Also, how did you feel about our post, Blog Post for SEO comment about it so that we

understand your feedback and further you give your time on our site, we

will wait for you to come back to our site again.

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